To blog or to not blog

Crucial findings:

Is blogging well-liked at work?

– 50% of organizations undertake some kind of blogging, possibly having a site, or motivating workers to discuss sites

– 64% of business sites are started within the previous six months

– 66% of supervisors within the study have seen weblogs within the previous 12 weeks, 29% of these having remarked on problems elevated on blogs

Is blogging a small business device?

– 31% of organizations say their site has created ‘considerable’ work at home opportunities

– An additional 55% of organizations consider their site has created ‘average’ work at home opportunities

– 80% of site customers visit sites within work-hours. Most site customers visit sites at lunch time (31%), or first part of the early hours (29%)

– 33% of weblog guests may get a blog on an everyday basis. 29% visit over a weekly basis

Really remarkable information on sites. Three phrases. Sites may rule.